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Scouting? What?

Guiding and Scouting is a wonderful means of learning new things about nature, yourself, other people and your own living environment. You get to pick up new things by doing them yourself instead of reading about them in books. Scouting is all about doing things together: hiking, skiing, canoeing, sailing, practising first aid, making crafts and honing your woodcraft skills in the great outdoors. Read more at Helsinki Region Scout’s (Pääkaupunkiseudun Partiolaiset) website!

What’s Merimetsot?

Merimetsot is a sea oriented local group. That means that in addition to normal scouting we learn navigation and sailing skills and use them in practise on our two sailboats, Sinensis and Carbo. Our meeting place (kolo) is located in Matinkylä, Espoo at Matinkatu 10. Our meetings and activities are in Finnish but everyone is free to join! Most of the leaders know English.

How can I join?

At Merimetsot, children who are in first grade or younger can be submitted to our queue. We will then contact you when your children is old enough to start. You can submit your children to queue by clicking the ”Jäseneksi” page and then filling the form (Parent’s name (mandatory), Parent’s email (mandatory), fill in your children’s date of birth and name + other contact information in the box). If your child is in second grade or older, you can contact directly to leader of our local group whose information is given below. There is no maximum age to join the scouts, so you can join too!

Finnish – English Dictionary

Merimetso means Great cormorant in English. Below are some more scout related words translated!

Finnish English
Lippukunta Local Group
Lippukunnan johtaja Leader of local group
Kolo Meeting place
Rinkka Big backpack (40 litres and up)
Päiväreppu Backpack
Ikäkaudet Age Groups
Sudenpennut (8-10v.) Cubs (8-10 yrs)
Seikkailijat (10-12v.) Adventurers (10-12 yrs)
Tarpojat (12-15v.) Trackers (12-15 yrs)
Samoajat (15-18v.) Explorers (15-18 yrs)
Vaeltajat (18-22v.) Rovers (18-22 yrs)
Aikuiset (22-) Grown ups (22-)
Contact info
Local group leader of Merimetsot:

Inka Kekäläinen